Our Services

  • Metal 3D Printing Solutions with Additive manufacturing robotic & hybrid solutions provider with Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) and Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) technologies
  • Installation, Training and Aftermarket Support for customers,  to ensure reliable, robust, repeatable, and seamless system operation of our Metal 3D Printing Solutions 
  • In-depth material characterization and testing capability in ADDiTEC Durham, NC facility, offering quick turn post print analysis and inspection
  • Extensive R&D capability, allowing customer proof of concept and application specific prints to evaluate business cases.
  • Growing Strategic Partner global network, offering customers a simple regional solutions provider for pre and post-sale activities.
  • Technology innovation and development with relentless pursuit to exceed customer expectations and expand AM boundaries.

Our Heritage

ADDiTEC was conceived in 2015 with a focus on disrupting accessibility to metal additive manufacturing with smaller and more cost-effective solutions. This initial goal led to the development of its multi-laser DED technology which was patented by ADDiTEC in 2017 and led to the development of the ADDiTEC module and uPrinter in 2018 and 2019, respectively.  The multi-laser architecture enabled a cost reduction while increasing flexibility with on-axis coaxial wire and powder deposition capability.  Successful trials of ADDiTEC’s multi-laser DED technology, combined with rapidly increasing consumer demand for its products, resulted in the decision to co-found Meltio in May 2019 to manufacture metal 3D printing systems using ADDiTEC’s patented technology.  ADDiTEC invested its technology, know-how, experience, and resources to help grow the Meltio brand, and currently retains a major equity stake in Meltio as its largest single shareholder.  Starting in 2023, ADDiTEC returned to its core objectives for mass manufacturing and developed its high-performance metal AM technology enabling production level applications, large component manufacturing and broad material range. More recently, ADDiTEC acquired the liquid metal printing division of Xerox Corporation to establish its new Liquid Metal Jetting (LMJ) division, further expanding its technology portfolio.  Through this strategic acquisition, ADDiTEC also acquired substantial material science and testing facilities to support its mission of providing end-to-end solutions.

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