AddiTec was founded in 2015 with the goal to innovate how large metal structures are manufactured. We identified that the biggest problems barring large scale additive manufacturing of metal components were system reliability and cost.

Our Heritage

AddiTec was conceived in 2015 with the goal of innovating how metal parts are made. Our initial focus was on large format parts because of the nascent technological developments in this area combined with the broad range of industries and customers which desired additive solutions for large parts. In tackling this problem we discovered the need to rethink LMD from the ground up. The result was the development of our patented LMD-WP process. Unlike the conventional systems in the market, our process used multiple lasers arranged around a central nozzle which allowed us to print wire and powder feedstock unidirectionally. The use of multiple laser sources further reduced system cost and size because we could use relatively small and inexpensive direct diode lasers, compared to conventional LMD heads which require the high beam quality of bulky and expensive fiber lasers. Our LMD-WP technology led to the development of the AddiTec Module and uPrinter, which provided a test bed for the technologies that were later commercialized by MELTIO.

What We Do


ADDiTEC specializes in solving problems and creating opportunities using metal additive manufacturing (AM). The company has a rich heritage in the development of novel metal 3D printing technologies and recently launched its performance architecture for high-power laser DED with the capability of utilizing both metal wire and powder material feedstock. ADDiTEC engineers turnkey metal AM robotic systems tailored to customer requirements using its performance technology and offers R&D services as well as training and application development support to its customers. With installations across the United States and a rapid support-oriented culture, ADDiTEC is your partner for leveraging the many advantages of metal AM.



Our Customers include:

Prominent Universities

Government Facilities


National Laboratories

Major Research Centers

Service Bureaus



Technology Centers

Repair Facilities


Energy commercial end-users