Due to the nature of our process almost all weldable materials and alloys can be printed with meltio machines and even new materials can be developed by material mixing. Please contact us if your material is not listed, as we regularly test and develop exotic materials. 

Standard Materials are working out of the box without any tweaking of parameters using meltio supplied material profiles. 

Materials that are listed as under development show promise and preliminary tests have been carried out, however the material profiles for them are not released yet. As all process parameters are accessible to customers, please contact us if your application requires one of these materials.

Note: Materials can be processed as either Powder or Wire, however Reactive metals should always be processed as Wire for safety reasons. Price Indications are for Wire Feedstock.

Standard Materials:

Stainless steel

Stainless Steels

A Variety of Stainless steels have been tested with our equipment, including the most common varieties such as 316L (EN 1.4404) 308L (EN 1.4316) and 304L (EN 1.4307). Approx 10 Euro / kg.

Carbon Steel

Carbon Steels

We tested a range of common steels with a range of compositions such as SAE 4140 (EN 1.7225) and A-5.18:ER 70 S-6 (EN 1.5130). Approx 8 Euro / kg.



Meltio has gathered significant experience processing nickel superalloys like Inconel 718 and Inconel 625 (EN 2.4668). Approx 57 Euro / kg.



Titanium Grade 5 (EN 3.7165) has been used extensively by us in wire form. Powder Deposition of Reactive metals like Titanium is not recommended. Approx 85 Euro /kg.




Aluminium Alloys

Under Development: