Meltio Engine

Meltio Engine

Advanced Control Module for fitting Robots and CNC machines with our deposition technology.


The Meltio Engine Represents all the hardware and software that is required for turning an existing motion platform into a Metal AM System, allowing for the creation of scalable solutions that exceed the constraints of the M450. Producing larger series of parts additively comes with different requirements for the systems based on scale, material requirements, throughput, automation etc. Therefore, a tailor-made solution is the perfect choice for demanding applications. Work with or become an integrator for our technology.

Meltio Robot Metal 3D Printing
Meltio Hybrid Manufacturing


Thanks to our wire deposition process our technology is uniquely suited for integration into CNC machining centers as it creates no powder contamination that could shorten the motion systems lifetime. Integration of the Engine in milling machines creates Hybrid systems that can switch between Deposition and Machining multiple times per part allowing for the creation of highly complex parts with machining tolerances that would be impossible to produce otherwise. Thanks to our ability to process many materials that are difficult to machine, such as titanium and Inconel and the ability to add material to existing base parts, very cost-effective strategies can be employed for component repair or feature addition. 


The Engine is a complete and integrated system, that not only contains the head and the lasers, but also the electronics and software for controlling all aspects of the process, as well as accessories for integration such as the deployment system. The Deployment system is the mechanism that mounts in the CNC Tool, it holds the deposition head in a sealed enclosure when its not in use and automatically deploys it when needed. For robots we offer a similar system without the actuation that holds relevant electronics and sensors. The engine is designed to be easy to integrate in most motion systems and as such offers various levels of electrical integration depending on the Motion Controllers Capabilities. Contact us to learn about the options for your machine. The Engine offers the same systems for process control as the M450 as standard. 

Meltio CNC Hybrid Maufacturing