Additec Deposition Package


Intelligent Process control with fault detection.

Simple High Level integration option, where a 4 channel relay board on the CNC is sufficient. A single input on the CNC is desireable but not required. On HAAS systems, this can be realized through the M-Fin Function.

Modern touch screen HMI as standard, with all process parameters available.

Clean Deposition Process with Wire LMD. Processing powders is not recommended on refitted CNC as it will contaminate the machine and increase wear.

Small Deposition head. With dimensions of less than 300x140x140 the head can fit in tight spaces and will not drastically reduce the machines range of motion. In most cases it fits in the space left by he CNC way covers.

Continual support through access to software upgrades after delivery.

Single phase power input (110v – 240v).

Fits 0.6mm to 1mm wire diameters, spooled on up to 300mm (12″) common MIG Spools. For powder, the recommended particle size is 45-90 micron.

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