Deposition Module

The Deposition Module contains everything necessary to convert an existing CNC machine into an advanced hybrid manufacturing system. The Additec process is uniquely suited to refitting existing systems, because unlike with powder laser deposition, wire mode printing is completely clean and will not increase wear and reduce precision of the CNC machine.


The Additec μPrinter is the worlds first “turn key” laser metal deposition 3D Printer that can process wire material. It includes many state of the art features, such as intelligent process control and a fully interted build chamber. It is also amongst the lowest cost Metal 3D printers, but that is not to say that it is not a very capable machine. In fact it offers many advantages over conventional systems.

Custom Solutions

Additec has considerable experience realizing specialty systems that range from the worlds smallers 3D metal printer, which fits a 19″ rack all the way up to the Big Delta printer shown above, with a maximum print height larger than two meters. Often times we can realize a custom solution for less than an off-the shelf product by a competitor.